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Growing Media Innovation & Performance

Sinclair are growing media specialists at the forefront of innovation and performance. Our comprehensive product range consistently delivers the optimum growing technology to successfully produce healthy, vibrant plants.

Our substrate technology offers optimum performance and results regardless of whether the grower has a preference for growing in peat based, peat reduced or peat free growing media. We also produce specialist mixes to your exact specifications, incorporating additives, biostiumulants, crop protection products and fertilisers.

Amethyst Peat Free

All growing media can be supplied in bags, big bales, IBCs or loose bulk. Our product range includes perlite, vermiculite, hydroleca and our new and improved Pot Topper. We also offer a superb choice of fertilisers such as Sincrocell controlled release fertiliser, Sangral Clarity water soluble fertilisers and Sincron + top dressing. As growing media specialists we are at the forefront of innovation and performance including:

  • Innovative and sustainable growing media substrates
  • Unique low peat growing medium in order to help the transition to peat free
  • Pot topper smart mulch
  • Next generation controlled release fertilisers
  • HydroSMART water management technology