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yara pg mix

Sinclair is proud to use Yara PG Mix™ in its range of substrates, ensuring the best start for your crop, from the moment you start using the growing media.

Yara PG mix™ is a high quality, all-in one powdered compound fertiliser used in our growing media.

This provides the plant with a balanced combination of the essential major nutrients, together with a complete range of trace elements, ensuring optimum development and healthy growth.

Its composition is the result of development work in conjunction with Sinclair, research stations and growers to provide a high quality, effective product which is certified by the RHP, (the official Dutch organisation for Control of Substrates and Additives).

yara pg mix yara pg mix


  • An all-in-one powdered compound fertiliser
    High quality raw materials
    Quality controlled and guaranteed
    Balanced nutrient ratio


  • Excellent quality starter feed for plants
    Crops grow even, strong and healthy
    Supplies a full range of trace major and minor fertiliser elements