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Seed Sowing with Vermiculite
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Seed Sowing with Vermiculite is a peat-vermiculite propagation mix for seed sowing as well as rooting cuttings.

  • Free flowing for the easy filling of trays as well as cells
  • Fine grade peat ensures rapid rooting
  • Added vermiculite for good aeration and also heat retention
  • Higher nutrient content for more vigorous species including vegetable plants
  • Wetting agent improves moisture retention for good root development
  • pH adjusted to ensure optimum availability of nutrients


pH Nutrients Water Holding AFP
6 144 N 154 P₂0₂ 264 K₂0 Very High Medium

Nutrients declared are added nutrients

Format & Sizing

Format Pack Size Product Number
Bag 75L x 45 F2X8052S
IBC 2m3 F2K8052S
IBC 3m3 F6K8052S
Bale 4m3 F4Z8052S

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