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sincrocell nextgen 12 25kg
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Sincrocell NextGen 12m Top End (14-9-15+ 2.5Mg0)

Sincrocell Next Gen 12m Top End controlled release fertiliser is ideal for summer planted evergreen nursery stock crops which need a boost the following season. 

  • 11-12 month longevity at 21C
  • Fully coated Controlled release fertiliser with micronutrients specifically placed for higher efficacy
  • Specifically designed to provide a boost at the end of the crop
  • Suitable for long term nursery stock crops potted in early summer
  • Designed to work in harmony with the plants nutritional requirements

Available incorporated in Sinclair Growing Medium.


  • About Sincrocell NextGEN
  • Notes

Sinclair Sincrocell NextGEN controlled release fertilisers are a granular compound fertiliser with a semi-permeable membrane through which water-soluble nutrients can pass at a controlled rate. 

The nutrients are released in response to temperature to syncronise nutrient output with plant demand. They are also independent of pH, moisture as well as growing media composition.

Sincrocell NextGEN contains all essential plant nutrients including calcium. This is also provided in the liming material and a full range of trace elements.

The tough polymer coating gives superior resilience to mechanical handling and also temperature extremes.

1. Sincrocell should be thoroughly incorporated into a pH adjusted substrate; use:, blend of calcium and magnesium limestones for peat substrates. Proprietary composts are already pH adjusted.

2. Sincrocell provides all necessary nutrients apart from calcium which is derived from the limestone. A good quality base fertiliser can also be included to provide an efficient and economical initial nutrient supply.

3. A rate range is provided in the table to allow for various cultural conditions. Lower rates should be used if any of the following apply:
• where a base fertiliser has been added or is in the proprietary compost
• for crops grown with capillary irrigation
• for direct potting of bare-rooted cuttings
• if dibble application is used
• when there is more than 20% loam in the compost

4. Sincrocell can be used in conjunction with liquid feeding to control growth rates and give improved shelf life; use Sincrocell at half rate and a reduced strength or feeding frequency of the liquid fertiliser.

5. Compost prepared with Sincrocell should be used quickly. Storage beyond three weeks carries an increased risk of damage from excessive conductivity. The risk is highest when a soluble base fertiliser is included and also with shorter longevity fertilisers. The risk is reduced by storing the fertiliser in a cool place which slows down nutrient release. If in doubt check compost conductivity before using.

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