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sincron + top dressing
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Sincron+ Top Dressing is the ideal product to top-dress over-wintered plants, preventing a check in growth and making plants saleable earlier in Spring and Summer.

It provides both fast and slow acting nutrients to sustain plants in healthy condition in the second and subsequent years.

  • For container and field grown nursery stock
  • Low salt index for crop safety
  • Nutrient release up to 4 months
  • Fortified with extra trace elements
  • Sticky granular formula which adheres to damp growing media surfaces
  • Fast acting, ready to use granules
  • Easy to apply without sticking to the foliage
  • 16+7+15+2MgO+9S+TE



Wash off any fertiliser from the plant foliage

Format & Sizing

Format Pack Size Product Number
Bag 25kg x 40 F176386S

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