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West+ uses a unique patented technology from FSC approved responsibly sourced softwood to ensure optimum product efficacy. This high performance peat replacement delivers exceptional plant growth, quality and also consistency.

West+ patented colouration results in a consistent and distinct aesthetic appearance. Functionally the organic colouring process also works to wick and absorb moisture. It acts as a filter to promote plant health. The dark pigmentation of West+ also helps to enhance light absorption to promote vital plant functionality. Use as a component in Potting and Bedding and also Nursery Stock mixes to provide consistent results time after time.

  • Responsibly sourced, sustainable and renewable
  • Consistent and stable
  • Very low base pH and EC, similar to peat ensuring formulation consistency with every batch
  • Suitable for ericaceous mixes
  • Responsibly sourced from 100% FSC certified virgin wood sources
  • Promotes excellent root establishment
  • Improves re-wetting and also capillary action
  • Increases air-fill porosity (AFP)
  • Dark colouration ensures homogeneous blending with peat
  • Helps reduce liverwort
  • Lightweight
  • Finally, it has great water retention properties
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With an AFP value of greater than 50%, as validated with industry-standard test methodology, testing demonstrates that West+ has the highest AFP of all the available quality substrate components that are widely used in the industry today. Optimal West+ addition significantly improves AFP of the final substrate formulation by 60%.

The addition of West+ opens up the growing media. This allows for better drainage whilst ensuring optimum water availability. This therefore reduces waterlogging, a known contributor to many common plant diseases, as well as general plant stress. West+ addition increases the amount of oxygen in the root zone. Thereby improving root growth, health and also root network establishment.

air porosity graph west+


Growing media that is easily wettable reduces watering effort and duration whilst also providing consistent growing conditions, particularly during dry hot weather.  The combination of West+ wood fibre and the organic colourant improves growing media wettability by 40%.  This is even after the growing media is dried down to very low-moisture contents. This long-lasting effect can be seen time and time again, even with long growing seasons. Improved wettability reduces the formation of hydrophobic dry-zones within the pot. This therefore allows the water to fully infiltrate and hydrate the full root zone.

moisture uptake graph west+






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