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t34 biocontrol
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T34 Biocontrol is a biofungicide containing the beneficial fungus Trichoderma asperellum strain T34 for incorporation into growing media and or drench or irrigation treatment. 


Preventative activity on a range of plant diseases with Fusarium oxysporum and Pythium on label.

Activity by a range of means including colonisation of growing media, outcompeting pathogens, hyperparasitism and induction of plant defence mechanisms.

Label approval for use on protected carnations; protected soil or peat grown tomato, pepper, chilli, aubergine.

*Extension of authorisation for use on protected crops: Brassicas in propagation, leafy vegetables including lettuce, fresh herbs, strawberry, cane fruit, other bush or small fruit, cucurbits including cucumber, forest nursery and container grown ornamental plant production.

Application rate of 10g per cubic metre by incorporation may also apply by irrigation or drench later.  *This extension of authorised use provides for the use of T34 Biocontrol in respect of crops and situations other than those included on the label. No efficacy or phytotoxicity data have been assessed and as such the ‘extension of use’ is at all times done at the user’s choosing, and the commercial risk is entirely theirs.

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MAPP NO. 17290

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