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The Sinclair peat free range is sustainable, ethically and responsibly sourced, and offers grower’s complete confidence when transitioning from a peat based growing medium to a peat free alternative. Growers who have used Sinclair peat free growing media have commented how easy it was to switch over, with very little need to adjust watering and nutritional requirements

With the inclusion of West+ wood fibre technology, this ensures rapid rooting and excellent re-wetting properties, whilst maintaining its excellent air filled porosity.

The patented process ensures a lower pH increasing the range of plant species which can be grown in this growing media. The secret to our success is the quality of the components, providing a stable consistent blend, which flows well through bale breakers and potting machinery. We do not use any green waste in any of our professional blends.

Sinclair Peat Free is available for propagation, bedding plants, nursery stock and alpines & perennials with additional nutrients and crop protection products added, available in a range of pack sizes.

Sinclair, as part of the Westland group, have invested heavily into the research and development of peat free growing media since 2006.
Horticulture is, by its very nature, a ‘green’ industry, and we constantly strive to become more and more sustainable, whilst ensuring the
growers transition to peat free is as effortless as possible

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