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Peat Free Potting & Bedding is a professional, sustainable peat free bedding mix using consistent components and therefore providing excellent performance.

  • Sustainable and responsibly sourced components
  • West+ technology
  • Increased air-filled porosity (AFP)
  • Promotes stronger as well as faster root establishment
  • Improves rewetting and also capillary action
  • Flows well through mechanised systems
  • Consistent, lightweight and stable
  • No green waste inclusion


pH Nutrients Water Holding AFP
6 180 N 180 P₂0₂ 200 K₂0 High High

Nutrients declared are added nutrients

Format & Sizing

Format Pack Size Product Number
Bag 75L X 45 F2X01401S
IBC 2m3 F2K01401S
IBC 3m3 F6K01401S
Bale 3m3 F3Z01401S


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