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potting medium
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For raising bedding and pot plants in pots, trays, hanging baskets and tubs.  Contains fine peat for enhanced nutrient content and moisture retention.

  • 50% Peat Reduced Professional Growing Media
  • Popular mix for raising bedding plants from modules
  • Contains West+ Technology
  • Formulation designed to help moisture retention
  • Can be used to grow a wide range of bedding plants & for hanging baskets
  • Added nutrients sufficient for up to 4 weeks
  • Higher nutrient content than potting and bedding


pHNutrientsWater HoldingAFP
6204 N 238 P₂0₂ 408 K₂0 Very High Medium

Nutrients declared are added nutrients

Format & Sizing

FormatPack SizeProduct Number
Bag75L x 45F2X8192S
Loose BulkBulkF358192S


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