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Foremost Multipurpose peat reduced growing media, is suitable for potting on plug plants and houseplants, and for filling hanging baskets, troughs and patio planters for all-year round displays.

  • 50% Peat Reduced Professional grade multipurpose growing medium
  • Contains West+ Technology
  • Includes fine & medium peat for increased moisture retention
  • Reduced nutrient levels to assist germination of seeds and rooting cuttings
  • Added nutrients sufficient for up to 4 weeks



How to Use

Use clean pots and containers with drainage holes. Ensure the growing media is thoroughly and uniformly moistened throughout the tray or pot.

Sowing Seeds

Check whether the seeds have any special temperature or light requirements, then fill the seed tray with growing media. Water thoroughly using a fine rose and allow to drain. Sow seeds sparingly. Cover seeds where directed, with more growing media or Sinclair vermiculite and water again. Cover tray with glass/polythene or place in a propagator. Keep at correct temperature for gemination and keep the growing media moist. Once seeds have germinated remove covering. Place the tray in good light, but avoid direct sunlight. When seedlings are large enough to handle, prick them out, handling them by their leaves, not by their stems.

Taking Cuttings

Foremost growing media can be successfully used for most types of stem cuttings. You may prefer to mix it with Westland Horticultural Sand or Sinclair Perlite to promote faster rooting. Stem cuttings can be taken between May and October – check the best method for your chosen plant. Water the mother plant the day before taking cuttings. Trim all cuttings neatly with a sharp knife. Make sure the growing media is kept moist, particularly when using a propagator. Pot on the cuttings when they have produced a healthy root system.


Seedlings/Plug Plants – Fill pot or tray with growing media and prick out the seedlings into holes. Gently firm the growing media, add a little more if necessary and water well with a fine rose.

Cuttings – Rooted cuttings should be potted on into individual pots or containers. Treat small cuttings as seedlings. Take care with fragile roots. For larger cuttings, half fill a pot, then place the plant in position and fill around the roots with growing media. Gently firm the growing media and water well.


Re-potting is best done during the growing season. Water the plant and allow to drain. Remove by turning the pot upside down, whilst supporting the plant in one hand. Tap the pot sharply to release the plant. Put a layer of growing media in the new pot and sit the plant on it. Fill the rest of the pot with growing media, firming lightly around the root ball. Finally, water well using a fine rose.


pH Nutrients Water Holding AFP
6 168 N 192 P₂0₂ 192 K₂0 Medium Medium

Nutrients declared are added nutrients

Format & Sizing

Format Pack Size Product Number
Bag 50l X 75 FXE04452S


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