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A low-stress peat reduced growing medium for an integrated approach to disease control.  Reduced pH minimises the risk of iron chlorosis.

  • A low stress growing medium for sensitive species
  • Contains West+ Technology
  • Suitable for both small pots and tray packs
  • Lower Nitrogen level added to ensure good growth
  • High potash level for big blooms
  • pH adjusted to 5.5 to ensure optimum availability of nutrients particularly iron
  • Suitable for bedding, trays, packs and pots up to 10.5cm


pHNutrientsWater HoldingAFP
5.5108 N 198 P₂0₂ 297 K₂0 Very High Medium

Nutrients declared are added nutrients

Format & Sizing

FormatPack SizeProduct Number
Bag75L x 45F2X2548S
Loose BulkBulkF352548S


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