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medium coarse potting
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A free-draining growing peat reduced growing medium for pot bedding and pot plants and perennial liners

  • 40% Peat reduced growing media, suitable for pot bedding, pot plants and smaller pots of perennials and shrubs
  • Contains West+ technology
  • A blend of peat grades and bark, helps maintain AFP, providing good drainage
  • Added nutrients sufficient for up to 4 weeks
  • Suitable for pots 10.5cm to 2 litre


pHNutrientsWater HoldingAFP
6168 N 196 P₂0₂ 336 K₂0 High High

Nutrients declared are added nutrients

Format & Sizing

FormatPack SizeProduct Number
Bag75L x 45F2X4846S
Loose BulkBulkF354846S


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