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Sinclair Professional Bark 70L
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Nursery Grade Bark is ideal to use in any potting mix for containerised plants to encourage healthy root development.

Mix with moss, peat or coir, adding recommended nutrients and also dolomitic limestone.

  • Particle size 8-16mm
  • Nursery Grade Bark is suitable for use in container mixes to encourage healthy root development
  • High AFP ensures good drainage
  • Good structural stability keeps the growing medium stable throughout the crops growing cycle
  • Biologically active which helps suppress root diseases
  • Use in both ericaceous and non-ericaceous mixes
  • Use as a pot mulch to suppress moss, liverwort and weed growth and retain moisture
  • Low pH and low nutrient level make it an ideal ingredient in growing media mixes


Format & Sizing

Format Pack Size Product Number
Bag 70L x 42 F268782S


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