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Perlite has honeycomb internal cells which help to improve aeration and insulate growing media. This therefore reduces large temperature fluctuations.


Format & Sizing

GradeSize RangeUsageFormatPack SizeProduct Number
Super Fine0.15-2.0mmMaximum moisture retentionBag100L x 27FXS0010Y
Special Seed1.0-3.0 mmImproves aerationBag100L x 27FXS0025Y
Standard2.0-5.0 mmReplaces sand or grit for optimum aerationBag100L x 27FXS1035Y
Super Coarse3.0-6.0 mmIdeal for potting orchids, bromeliads, tropical plants and bonsaiBag100L x 27FXS1045Y


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